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About Us


My name is Matt and I have overcome Crohn’s disease. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 2009 as an 8th grader. While on the high dosages of Prednisone, I had to quit the lacrosse team because one of the side effects was joint inflammation. It also stunted my growth and caused my face and cheeks to puff up giving off the impression I was fat. I felt like a cancer patient who was being given chemotherapy, knowing that I was experiencing more problems due to the drug but taking it in hopes of one day being cured. My experience has given me the will and the desire to keep on going and no disease will ever be able to stop my ambitious drive in order to reach my goals When I tell people I have Crohn’s disease, they look at me with a sad face and say “I’m so sorry to hear that.” And every time I want to ask them, “Why are you sorry?” Crohn’s disease has helped shape me into who I am today, it has made me a stronger individual and I now truly appreciate the things that most people take for granted. This disease is more than an attribute or an accomplishment, it is part of my life every day and I feel blessed that God has given me the power to overcome such an obstacle.

Matt Barusic