The mission of teamindure is to make sure “No One Races Alone!”


On Sept 29th Pete Barusic, Joe Matthews, and Walt Maxwell have set out to individually take on Ironman Chattanooga 144.6. We have joined forces and have set out to raise awareness and  $20,000 as we honor all those living with Crohn’s & Colitis.  

We have learned over the years that no physical obstacle placed in front of us compares to the daily struggles those with illness face. We look forward to do all we can to raise awareness and money for this cause.  We pray that you feel inclined to help us by making a financial contribution!  Every dollar you donate has the power to make a difference.  Let us honor those with illness and remind them that “No One Races Alone!” 

Raffle of the Month

Leg Recovery System


We are raffling off an Leg Recovery System.  (includes power unit and boots)  

Only 100 tickets will be sold.  Tickets can be purchased online by designating at checkout in personalized note section “Compression Boots.”   Free shipping to out of town winner.  Locals please see Pete Barusic, Walt Maxwell, or Joe Matthews to purchase your ticket.  Item to be raffled @ Facebook live drawing once all tickets sold.   Good Luck!! 


Feeney‘s Frozen Yogurt Bar

We are  excited  to  announce  that  Feeney’s  Frozen  Yogurt  Bar  will  be  donating  a  portion  of  proceeds  to  Team Challenge  -  Crohn’s  &  Colitis  Foundation on  June  19th  between  4  -  9:30 PM

Fundraising Events

Build A Bike Fitness Challenge at GSO Crossfit Round 2 Finalizing Summer Date


So you missed the 1st one.  No big deal.  We have planned a 2nd event.   Space will be limited to only 30 participants.  We will recondition 10 bikes with 3 people per team.  Come alone or team up with friends or family.  Cost is $20 per person  or $35 per family.  The 1st one proved this can be a great family event.  Please donate below and designate ”Build A Bike- GSO Crossfit Round  2”

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Meet Teamindure IM CHOO

Pete Barusic


This will be Pete’s 1st Full distance Ironman.  He has completed 3 marathons, 2 half Ironman events, Ragnar Trail Relay races and multiple shorter distance events.  Pete founded teamindure in 2013 as a way to honor his son, a friend with cancer and encourage others to carry someone with long term illness as they step outside of their comfort zone.  F3- Four in a Row

Joe Matthews


This will be Joe’s 1st Full distance Ironman.  He has completed Disney Goofy Challenge,Raliegh 70.3 and Augusta 70.3, Pilot to Hanging Rock 50 miler, and multiple shorter distances. He was captain of teamindure’s Ragnar Trail Relay team in 2018.  F3 - Crawlspace

Walt Maxwell


Walt  brings the experience to our group.  He has completed multiple full distance Ironman events including IM CHOO, IM FL, and multiple Half Ironman events, and Ragnar Trail Relay team. 

Thoose Who Define Strength

Matt Barusic


Pete’s 23 y/o son Matt was diagnosed with Crohn’s at 13 y/o.  He has refused to be defined by his disease. 

Mary Barusic
Betty Androschick


Matt‘s paternal  grandmother was diagnosed with Crohn‘s at 70 y/o and his maternal  grandmother has been livino with Ulcerative Colitis since her 30’s .

Stay Tuned

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