The mission of teamindure is to make sure “No One Races Alone!”


Teamindure has set out to determine the reasons people walk, swim, bike, hike, or run.

Is it purely for fitness or health or is there a deeper meaning?

  • What was the PURPOSE for your miles? 
  • For companionship or to help carry someone else a mile or 2?
  • Were you working towards achieving a personal goal? 
  • Did you carry with you some PERSPECTIVE to draw on regarding a personal hardship?
  • Were miles spent in prayer to a higher power?
  • Were they used as a personal counseling session?  
  • As you reached a point where you began to question your PERSEVERANCE what helped you finish and not give up?  

Use #mymilesR4 on FB, twitter or instagram.  Leave a space and then let us know why you endured those miles. That space is meant for reflection and to allow all of our reasons, to be counted as one!! 

The mission of teamindure is to honor those running races with long term health issues and to remind them as often as possible that “No One Races Alone.” They are the ones that truly define strength.